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common questions

Where can I park?

The studio does not have a designated parking area, however free street parking is available.  On evenings and weekends you can park on the east side of 28th Avenue, but please don't block any garage doors of the Bill Pierre facility.  When the community center is closed there is also some parking available on the south side of the building.

Can I book a private class?

Yes, several of the practitioners at blosm studio offer private sessions.  Please contact the practitioner directly to schedule your session.  Their contact information can be found on the Practitioners page.

Can I rent the studio?

Yes, when available the studio can be rented for events, classes, or workshops that align with its purpose.  It has a reception area, 1000 square feet (28 x 36) of open space, two restrooms, Bluetooth speakers, backjacks, and some yoga props.  The rental fee is $50 per hour with a $75 minimum. If you wish, a gong sound immersion can be added to your event for an additional fee.

Contact Roger (roger@ or 616-916-4428) to get more information, schedule a visit, or reserve the studio.

Do I need to bring anything to a class or event?

When registering, check the event or class details for suggestions on what to bring. Please bring your own yoga mat for yoga classes.  The studio has a few extra mats available in case you're traveling or don't have a yoga mat, and also provides yoga blocks, belts, and blankets.

What happens in a Gong Sound Immersion?

We typically begin with a brief introduction to the gongs and the session.  Participants then find a comfortable resting position, usually lying down, but may be seated as well.  

Once comfortable, you'll be guided through an exercise to relax the body and mind, and then the gongs will be played for around 60 minutes.  

After playing the gongs there will be a few minutes of silence to integrate your experience, followed by a gentle reawakening of the senses.  This will conclude the session, however the players are usually available afterwards for any questions or comments.

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