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Chakra Balancing Gong Yoga Workshop with Wayne
Chakra Balancing Gong Yoga Workshop with Wayne

Thu, Apr 20


blosm studio, Lake City, Seattle

Chakra Balancing Gong Yoga Workshop with Wayne

Relax and renew with a blissful Gong Yoga Workshop that includes gentle Yoga stretching, light Pranayama and a 62-minute Gong Meditation.

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Time & Location

Apr 20, 2023, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

blosm studio, Lake City, Seattle, 12549 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125, USA

About the event

What to Expect

We’ll start with a brief discussion on the healing attributes of Planet Gongs and discuss how the frequencies impact the energetic body where the Chakras reside. We’ll focus our practice on opening and balancing the Heart Chakra, the seat of love, empathy and humanity.

You’ll be guided through several gentle Yoga poses that will help lengthen the spine and release any tension stored in the body. Easy for everyone, these poses have been selected to stimulate each of the 7 Chakras, but we will pay particular attention to the heart center.

Then we’ll use our breath to explore a simple but powerful ancient Taoist breath exercise known as the Microcosmic Orbit. We’ll visualize our breath as energy traveling up the spine on the inhalation and then down the spine on exhalation. We'll pair the breathwork with a simple heart chakra affirmation - “I lovingly accept myself as I am”. Together, the asanas, pranayama and mantra will put us in an optimal state to receive the transformative frequencies of the Gongs.

Additionally, you'll receive a moss agate heart chakra crystal gift. This tumbled crystal is a translucent chalcedony quartz with inclusions of green and brown manganese. Moss agate is known as a powerful heart chakra crystal that attunes us to the natural world and is like holding the concentrated energy of nature in your hand. Your crystal gift has been bathed in saltwater and dried in moonlight and is ready to be made your own by placing it directly on your skin (sternum) during the Gong Meditation. The frequencies of the Heart Chakra Earth Gong will be amplified by the moss agate during the Gong Meditation, opening and balancing the heart center, awakening our love, compassion and forgiveness.

Once in savasana, the six planet Gongs will escalate the sound and intensity, leading you on a cosmic journey through deep space, all designed to leave you feeling tuned, refreshed and at the height of physical and emotional well-being.

The event concludes with sweets and community.

Benefits of Gong Meditation

  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
  • Restores vibrational balance and mind-body harmony
  • Stimulates immune system and glandular functioning
  • Encourages the movement of life force energy
  • Clears habitual negative thought patterns
  • Supports deep, spontaneous meditation
  • Improves creativity, will-power and confidence
  • Advances spiritual exploration and self-discovery

What to Bring and Know

Gong Meditation is best experienced lying down on your back or in a similar comfortable position. In addition to your mat and water, you’ll want to bring whatever you need to relax for the meditation - blanket, pillow, eye mask, etc. Extra props are available at the studio. Free ample street parking.

About the Instructor

Wayne is a life-long musician who has studied the gong extensively under Gong Master Mehtab Benton. His authentic style of playing, infused with passion and intention, promotes deep relaxation and transformation. Wayne is the Founder-Director of Beneficial Sound, a 501(c)3 public charity committed to bringing wellness to the mind, body and soul through sound and vibration. He has a degree in Psychology, is a Certified Gong Practitioner and Yoga Instructor and is a member of the American Sound Healers Association.

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